Wednesday, 16 July 2008

I Have a New Job - As an Obama Staffer!

Dear Friends and Blog Readers,

I wanted you to be among the first to know that I have recently accepted a full time paid staff position working for the Obama Campaign and the DNC, based here in London. My title will be Regional Field Director for UK, Ireland and Scandinavia and it will be my responsibility to:

* coordinated voter registration activities across the region
* provide support and advice to local grassroots groups
* manage a team of volunteers for get out the vote activities, voter registration and outreach to American groups across the region
* act as a liaison between the campaign and its supporters overseas.

I will be working with a wonderful team based in Chicago and Washington, and there will be 9 other Field Directors heading up similar operations across the globe.

This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for me, but it also reflects a real vote of confidence by the campaign in all of YOU. This will be the first time that any Presidential campaign will have staffed based overseas. The fact that Obama's campaign have decided to take this huge step forward is entirely due to how impressed they have been by all of you - our overseas fundraising and activism, combined with the record-breaking number of voters in the Global primary have helped to demonstrate that there is a real opportunity to dramatically improve our voter registration efforts overseas.

As I transition into this new role I will be hoping to prove to the campaign that they made the right decision, through some significant on the ground efforts. And that, again, means all of you! In the coming weeks I'll be getting in touch with lots of you to ask if you can help out with our volunteer efforts across the UK (and the world).

In the meantime, thanks so much for all that you have already done for us - I'll be back from Oregon on the 2th, totally fired up and ready to go.

Best wishes,