Saturday, 26 July 2008

TPM Exposes Myth of McCain Independence on Iraq

This chronology, compiled by Talking Points Memo, documents John McCain's consistent support for Bush with regard to Iraq, contradicting Senator McCain's account of frequent confrontation. McCain presents himself as a mythic hero. The mythic is all too apt.
I am providing a link rather than copying it to this site because you'll find it much easier to follow in the format on the TPM page.

Friday, 25 July 2008

Vote From Abroad

Did you know, if you live abroad but fail to request your ballot this year you most likely will NOT be able to vote?

All American citizens have the right to vote, no matter where in the world they live - but you need to officially register and request your ballot. Fortunately, this is incredibly easy to do.

Definitive Organizing Event Change of Venue!

The good news: so many people want to participate in the training session for London-based Obama advocates that we have had to move the event to a much larger location.
Unfortunately, we will have to postpone the Tower Bridge rally as a consequence of this move.

The meeting will now be held at University College London in the Cruciform Lecture Theatre 1, near Warren Street and Euston stations in Bloomsbury. The full address is:

Cruciform Lecture Theater 1
Cruciform Building
University College London
Gower Street
London WC1

The Cruciform Building is the large, X shaped building across the
street form the main UCL Campus.

See this link to see where the Cruciform building is within the UCL

And this one to locate UCL within London:


Ali Sutton, an Obama staffer from the Chicago office, will give us a comprehensive instruction covering voter registration and mobilizing grassroots support for Barack overseas. We have ambitious goals to expand our voter outreach across the globe in this election. Come learn how you can help.

I have uploaded a file called "London Training" to the Files page of
this group:

Please download, print out and bring this document with you - Ali will use this to talk you through the training.

The meeting will start at 3:00PM and will run until about 5:30PM.

Date: Sunday, 27th July 2008

Time: 3:00-5:30PM

If you have not yet had a chance to register and request your absentee ballot, we can register you on the spot.

You will also have a chance to indicate what type of volunteer work you might want to do for the campaign here in the UK (if you are based here) or across Europe.
Please join us for this ground-breaking event.

Let us know if you'll be there:

Thursday, 24 July 2008

I'm baaack...

Hello again, Blog readers! My apologies for the almost total absence of posting from me while I was away but things got slightly manic while I was visiting my family in Portland, Oregon.

I can report, however, that Oregon is satisfyingly saturated with Obama lawn signs and bumper stickers – clearly there is a tremendous amount of excitement for him there, which I suppose is no shock after the 75,000 person rally there during the primary.

Actually, I got a kick out of talking to some friends of ours – big Obama supporters – who live in downtown Portland, just a few blocks away from the campaign headquarters, and a short bike ride (Portland is a very bike-friendly town) from the rally site, who didn’t even find out about the rally until after it was over. So I guess our communications efforts aren’t 100% just yet!

So of course, while I’ve been away Barack himself has been spending his time on a grand tour of Europe and the Middle East, which I (ironically) haven’t been able to catch much of the coverage of! Check out his speech tonight in Berlin, to an audience of thousands:

To put into perspective the significance of this event, you have to understand that only four years ago it was considered taboo to acknowledge that the Democratic candidate was well liked overseas – there was no active fundraising or official staff dedicated to getting out the expat vote, and the one of the biggest insults thrown at John Kerry was that he “looked French.” Now we have a candidate who is not only wildly popular with the domestic populations across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, but inspires unparalleled donations and excitement from Expat American voters and feels comfortable signalling the importance of our allies here by visiting their leaders directly in Paris, London and Berlin.

A small step for one man – a giant leap for us Americans Abroad.

Organize for Obama: The Definitive London Event

Please join us this Sunday July 27th to learn how you can help Barack Obama become our next President.
On Sunday U.S. based Obama for America field staffer Ali Sutton will provide an afternoon of intensive advocacy training here in London.
Here's the scedule for the day:
2:00 - We'll meet on Queen's Walk, opposite Potters Field Park on the South bank of Tower Bridge for a quick photo shoot. Dress for the cameras in Obama kit or bring posters, homemade or prefab.
3:00 - We'll convene at the River Bar and Brasserie for a Get Out The Vote training session with Obama for America staffer Ali Sutton followed by tips for finding US citizens, registering them to vote and, of course persuading them to vote for Barack.
You'll find directions to the River Bar and Brasserie at:

Looking forward to seeing you there. To confirm your attendance, please
write to:

Download This!

I have not heard a better discussion of Senator Obama's trip abroad. It features Colin Powell's former Chief of Staff Lawrence Wilkerson, a 31 year veteran of the armed services. You can listen via Windows Media or Real Player.

Can't Catch a Break

Finally someone has taken the shovel away from John McCain.
With every public appearance, the GOP nominee has dug himself deeper, entrenching the perception that he does not have the knowledge, understanding, or temperament to take the reins of power. And so some merciful soul has cancelled the balance of this week’s press ops.

Senator McCain started digging this week when, having once upon a time craftily courted the press on his Straight Talk Express, he began to gripe that his former supplicants have left him in the lurch. Even if it were true, it’s hardly worth making a fuss about it. After all, every GOP nominee in living memory has complained about a liberal bias in the media, yet Americans voted for Nixon, Reagan, and Bushes one and two.

But we know it’s not true because we know that CBS edited Katie Couric’s interview with Senator McCain to conceal his customized timeline of the surge. So far from granting Barack Obama favorable coverage at his expense, the media is complicit in helping John McCain save face.
Incidentally John McCain made another mistake during that CBS interview. Turns out that the Sunni Sheik, whom he named as a beneficiary of the surge, was assassinated during it.

The series of events and remarks that culminated in self-censorship included not only those mentioned in previous posts: the Bush Administration backing in practice what Senator Obama advocated in principle (withdrawal of troops from Iraq, transfer of troops and provision of aid to Afghanistan, negotiations with Iran), and Senator McCain’s self-serving chronicle of the surge, but also the mean-spirited charge, hardly likely to endear him to anyone but hard-core Obama opponents, that Barack Obama would rather lose the war than the election.
It also includes John McCain’s claim that Barack Obama’s statement at Israeil’s Holocaust Museum was cynical and politically expedient, a charge that has been roundly and rightly condemned.

Perhaps the final straw for McCain’s minders was the GOP nominee’s claim today that oil prices fell in response to President Bush lifting the ban on off-shore drilling.
But the White house denied credit for the price cut, citing reduced consumer demand for oil. The upshot? The President left Senator McCain to twist in the wind...and cancel his appearances.

The supreme irony of the situation is obvious: if Barack Obama had been as inaccurate or intemperate as John McCain has been this week, the Republicans would deck him, citing his errors and attitude as exhibit A, B, C through Z of why he isn’t qualified to lead America at this time.
While it plays to our side, Senator McCain’s pathetic performance is regretful.
When Senator McCain clinched his party’s nomination, seasoned political observers anticipated a principled campaign. For the first time in years, they said—and we had hoped—Americans would witness two intelligent, earnest candidates with genuine differences debating the issues. Sadly, the spectacle before us is a parody of what we’d been promised. As Barack Obama proves himself a prescient, able statesman, showing the world a dignified, respectful, generous spirited America alien to its recent experience of our nation, John McCain carries on a campaign of misinformation, assailing his opponents’ character, distorting his position and otherwise engaging in the very kind of politics he had claimed to deplore.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008


Troops in Iraq signal their support for an aspiring Commander In-Chief