Friday, 15 August 2008

Rally and Canvass and Phone Bank - Oh My!

In just 81 days Americans all around the country (and the world) will be electing our next President. Let's get ready!


Please join us on Saturday for our Obama East to West Rally and Meeting in celebration of our wonderful candidate and in planning for the vital campaign ahead. Join us outside the Barrow Boy and Banker pub at 1:30 PM for a quick rally on London Bridge followed by a meeting in the pub and some canvassing on the South Bank.

Check the above link for full details, and please do RSVP – either on the website or to me directly at


Last week we had the most amazing success, with canvass groups out and about across London and the UK in 10 locations. We estimate that we spoke with over 200 Americans on the day, and reached hundreds more through foreigners friends. It was an amazing success!

Now let's do it again - I'm looking for as many people as possible to canvass in their local areas on either Saturday morning before the rally, or on Sunday. Or both! Can you spare a few hours to talk to people on the streets of Wimbledon, Hampstead, St John’s Wood, Bloomsbury, Kensington – or even up at the Edinburgh festival? Please drop me a line so I can put you in touch with the other volunteers in your area and get you all the materials you will need.

Do you live outside London, but would like to start canvassing near you? Great! Let me know and I’ll help you get organised.


Democrats Abroad UK has an aggressive plan in place to contact each and every one of our members in September to confirm that they are registered to vote. We urgently need volunteers who can commit to giving one or more weekend days or weekday evenings during this time period to call our members. Volunteers will be asked to use their own mobile phones (which we will consider a very generous and much appreciated donation!) and will gather in a central London location for the calls where they will get full training and support throughout the session.

Please let me know ASAP which of the following sessions you can commit to:

Saturday Aug 30 (11-2 or 2-5), Sunday Aug 31 (11-2 or 2-5), Monday Sept 1 (6-9), Tuesday Sept 2 (6-9), Wednesday Sept 3 (6-9), Thursday Sept 4 (6-9), Friday Sept 5 (6-9), Saturday Sept 6 (11-2 or 2-5), Sunday Sept 7 (11-2 or 2-5), Monday Sept 8 (6-9), Tuesday Sept 9 (6-9), Wednesday Sept 10 (6-9) (there will be no session on the 11th due to the Council Meeting), Friday Sept 12 (6-9), Saturday Sept 13 (11-2 or 2-5), Sunday Sept 14 (11-2 or 2-5).


Stephanie Stewart has been running an outstanding voter registration program for us here in London - and she is always in need of new volunteers. Can you help out at any of the below events? If so, write to her on

16 or 17 August- Any time before 3:00pm - Borough Market - Need two people to pass out leaflets
16 August - 6:30pm - Rock for Barack in London - The Harbour Club Chelsea - SW6 - Need one person to register voters
20 August - 12:00 - ACS Hillingdon Welcome Picnic for new families - Stephanie S to take leaflets
20 August - 9:00 - 3:00 or any part of this time - ACS Cobham Picnic - Surrey - Lenelle D, Need one more person to register voters
24 August - 12:00 - 3:00 - The American School in Surrey (TASIS) New Family Picnic - Lesley G, Need one more person to register voters
28 August - 7:30 - DAUK Young Democrats Cocktail - Grafton Arms, W1T - Need one person to register voters
29 Aug - 7:00pm - London American Meet-up - El Vino, Fleet St. - Need one person to leaflet outside the venue
30 August - ASL Scoop back to school event - Leslie G, Whitney B
8 September - 5:30pm - The Pilgrims and English Speaking Union panel on the US election - Dartmouth House, W1J - Nancy T
9 September - 11:30 - 12:30 - JPMorgan Voter Registration - EC2 - Need two people to register voters
10 September - 11:30 - 12:30 - JPMorgan Voter Registration - EC2 - Need two people to register voters
11 September - 9:00 - 11:00am - Kennsington & Chelsea Woman's Club - Royal Geographical Society - Sharon S, Nancy T
11 September - 6:00pm - DAUK Council Meeting - Need one person to register voters
12 September - 11:30 - 2:00 - Deutsche Bank voter registration - Eileen T, Carol B, Need two more people to register voters
15 - 18 September - 11:30 - 2:00 - Canary Wharf voter registration - Need 4 people each day to leaflet and register voters, Tasia K, Cathryn C (18th), Evelyn F (all days),
17 September - 9:00 - 11:00 - Hampstead Woman's Club - Margo M, Lesley G, Need one more person to register voters
18 September - 6:30pm - ASL HS Back-to-School Night - Lauren W
18 September - 11:00 - 2:00 - FOCUS Voter Registration - Evelyn F
September - Dartmouth pub night - Sarah C
26 September- 7:30 - DAUK Young Democrats Cocktail - Location TBD - Need one person to register voters
3 October - TBD - American Intercontinental University - Marylebone - Need one person to register voters*
7 October - American Society Autumn Cocktail at Wynchwood House - Lauren W*

As you can see - there are many ways to get involved, and so much to do! I’d like to thank each of you for the millions of different ways that you have already helped us to ensure a Democratic President this year – just 3 months to go.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

This Week's Obama UK Events

This weekend we kicked off our Global Search Party, with volunteers fanning out all across the UK (and the world) to track down and registerAmerican voters wherever they may be. Already I am getting reports backfrom canvassers across the UK about our successful search parties todayin neighborhoods all over the country. Remember, there are hundreds ofthousands of American voters in this country who would like to vote for Barack Obama for President. But many of them may not be aware that theyare eligible to vote – or may not understand how to register. I spoke to one woman today who had been told that she was ineligible to votebecause she had not participated in the last two elections. She was overjoyed when I told her she DOES have the right to vote – she justneeds to register! If you couldn’t make it this weekend but want to get involved with the Campaign for Change overseas, just drop me a line letting me know whereyou’d like to canvass and what days work for you. Please note my new e-mail address:


This week’s Monday Night Meeting will not take place because I am inIreland (see below) and also because Stephanie has already planned in avoter registration training session for this Wednesd, August 13th from6:30 PM at the Yorkshire Grey Pub on Langham Street. Would you like tolearn how to register voters overseas? Contact Stephanie for moreinformation about this meeting: Are youalready feeling confident of your ability to register voters, but would like to talk about more ways to get involved? Show up towards the end –from 8:00 Stephanie will be talking about future volunteer opportunitiesand leading a brainstorm about where to find those elusive Americans!


Don’t forget our Obama rally and organising meeting on Saturday August16th – we’ll meet up on London Bridge for a quick rally and photosession (wear your t-shirts! Bring signs)!, followed by a meeting at theBarrow Boy and Banker Pub – and to wrap it all up we’ll do a late afternoon canvass up and down the South Bank. For more information check this page:

Please RSVP on the event page or directly to me on


After a hard day’s rallying and canvassing, why not celebrate with this amazing sounding rock and roll event for Barack at the glamorous HarbourClub in Chelsea? At only $50 for a ticket (that’s just 25 pounds) thisevent is not only for a great cause and great fun, but also is probablythe best value for money live music event you are going to find anywherein London on a Saturday night! I hope you can join us:


And finally, I’ll be heading off to the Emerald Isle for a few days –and will be hosting an Obama training event there following theDemocrats Abroad Ireland meeting on Tuesday Night. If, by an astonishingcoincidence you should find yourself in the fair city of Dublin thiscoming Tuesday night, please do join us. Or if you have friends andfamily anywhere in Ireland, please pass the info along!

I will be in Ireland for three days starting Monday and I’m hoping tomeet with as many Obama supporters there as I possibly can!

Barack is now enjoying a well earned week long vacation in Hawaii with his family – but for the rest of us the hard work goes on! I hope to seeyou at one of our many events very soon, and thanks again for all thehard work that you have already put into getting out the expat vote forBarack Obama!