Monday, 31 January 2011

Join Democrats Abroad. Do It Right Now, I Command You!

There's lots happening in the world upon which I will very shortly be commenting (Tunisia! And Egypt! And Sudan! Oh my...) but for today I just want to say this:

If you are a US citizen living in the UK, and if you support the work of President Obama, the Democratic Party, or you just are certain that you are not a Republican - then I urge you to sign up online to Democrats Abroad, the State party organisation for Americans overseas.

In March, the UK branch of Democrats Abroad will be having an election to chose its Officers (I am the current Vice Chair). But only voters who are members of Democrats Abroad by midnight tonight are eligible voters. So if you want your say in our local elections, or you want to make sure you get voter alerts and updates about US national elections, join today.

No, seriously. Go do it. Please, and thank you.