Friday, 27 July 2012

How bad was Romney's first day in London?

It has been widely reported already in the US that Mitt Romney's first foreign trip as a US Presidential candidate... did not go well.

But my suspicion is that a lot of my friends in America who are accustomed to "he said, she said" news coverage might suspect that this disaster is being blown out of proportion by the schadenfreude of delighted Obama supporters.

As your woman on the ground here in the UK, I want to assure you: IT REALLY IS THAT BAD. Here below are the Romney headlines in every British Newspaper this morning.

Firstly, here's the cover of the Independent:

In case you can't read it, that says: "Ready. set. go! (Whatever Mitt Says)"

And here's the article inside the paper:

"Romneyshambles: Mitt begins his trip with a swipe at London"

Here's the Daily Mirror:

"You're Rom, Mitt! PM Hits Back at Games Doubter"

Here's the Guardian:

Brutally reading: "Mitt falls at the first hurdle"

And here's the Sun (just a few pages in from the traditional topless women - I know... classy):

It says: "Mitt the Twit: Wannabe President in Games Insult"

And here we have the Times:

"Romney loses his way with gaff about the Games"