Thursday, 22 May 2008

Democrats Abroad Super Delegates

By the way, on the subject of pledged delegates versus Super Delegates, it's worth pointing out that us expats have a mini-version of this prevailing national issue going in within our own midst. Barack Obama won an overwhelming majority of the popular vote in our Democrats Abroad Global primary - thus earning him the majority of our pledged delegates.

But Democrats Abroad, like other state delegations, also has super delegates - in our case these consist of our 6 elected DNC members, plus the Chair and Vice Chair of the International Group.

But we are slightly ahead of the game compared to other states - as of last week our very last undecided super delegate finally endorsed. And I'm delighted to report that the majority have gone for Barack, matching the expressed preference of their constituents. Here's the breakdown:


Robert Bell - DNC Member
Leo Perez Minaya - DNC Member
Theresa Morelli - DNC Member


Connie Borde - DNC Member
Toby Condliffe - Vice Chair
Liv Gibbons - DNC Member
Christine Schone Marques - Chair
Brent O'Leary - DNC Member

So I say, bring on the Convention - Democrats Abroad's delegation is complete, committed and prepared. Now if only the "real" states were this ready.

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