Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Obama London Grassroots Event June 19

Mark your calendars - one month from today I intend to hold a grassroots organising event to help us get serious about this general election campaign. Please, invite your friends, family, co-workers what have you.

Hillary supporters and even non-democrats are more than welcome so long as their prepared to talk turkey about how we can win this election on November 4th.

Proposed Agenda:

* Voter Registration: Stephanie Stewart, Democrats Abroad's Vice Chair and premier voter registration guru will lead a training session full of essential information about America's sometimes byzantine voter registration rules, and with useful tips and tricks on how to Get Out the Vote.
* Grassroots Fundraising: The campaign has already had enormous success with raising money overseas, but I'd like us to put our heads together for some more low-dollar events and activities to raise money in the $25-100 range. Got ideas? Let me know your thoughts - no ideas too big or small at this point.
* Working With the Party: An update on how the campaign can, should and will coordinate with the party, both nationally and in terms of Democrats Abroad.
* Drink Liberally! This is your chance to relax, have a drink, meet your fellow supporters, and get excited about how much this amazing group of people (and of course our amazing candidate) have already achieved. Pimms anyone?

Time and location to be confirmed - please RSVP to ObamaLondon@gmail.com ASAP if you plan to come so that I can book a room of the appropriate size.

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