Sunday, 29 June 2008

David Plouffe Briefs You on the Campaign

Barack's campaign manager, David Plouffe (it's pronounced like "puff" in case you've been wondering) lays out the position of the campaign in the polling to let all the activists and grassroots donors know where we stand in the race at this point.

In a nutshell, the campaign is in a strong position - we're able to be aggressive and compete in some "unusual" states where Democrats don't normally win, and we're in a good position to hold onto all the states where John Kerry won in 2004.

BUT - the RNC has a significant cash advantage over us. The DNC, our party organisation that supports Barack in his campaign, has only a little over $4 Million in the bank compared to over $50 Million for the RNC. This negates Barack's current advantage in terms of cash on hand and means that it is more important than ever that we:

  • Donate whatever we can. Today is the day to give as tomorrow is our June fundraising deadline. Even $5 or 10$ means a lot to us, but with the strong exchange rate we're hoping you can do more.
  • Register to vote. Go to today if you haven't already - remember the registration deadlines for many states aren't that far away, and you need to leave PLENTY of time for the post.
  • Tell your friends. Call your friends, family, colleagues and ask them to vote for Barack. If they live in London tell them to write to me and I'll add them to my Obama London list -

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