Sunday, 22 June 2008

Howard Dean Addresses Democrats Abroad

Today I had the rare pleasure of seeing DNC Chair and former Governor Howard Dean at an event for Democrats Abroad here in London.

Addressing a packed house of (I'm estimating) over 200 fired up US Voters, Dean was characteristically smart and passionate - a combination that is going to do our party a lot of good come November.

He spoke in his initial remarks about the importance of bringing the party together, and reminded us all that those people who supported Senator Clinton are feeling deeply hurt and personally insulted - not because their candidate lost which, as he said, we have all experienced and moved on from, but because things were said in the media that were sexist and that many women understandably took as a personal attack on themselves.

Moving into the general election, however, he convinced me that this Party has never been more ready for action than it is today. Dean's 50-state strategy has already started to pay dividends with earlier victories in statewide Secretary of State elections across the country that are going to ensure that ALL our votes are counted.

He also talked about our now fully up and running voter database that is able to target voters with detailed consumer information, and an amazing GPS system that the Obama campaign has now adopted from the DNC, that identifies target addresses in the immediate neighborhood of a potential volunteer so that our activists can maximise their effectiveness in thier local communities.

And so much more. Dean is an outstanding leader of this party, and doubly impressive to me because he has truly understood the crucial role of the voter group he was addressing today - Americans Abroad.

I've got pictures from the event, which I'll process over the next couple days so keep your eyes peeled for those.

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