Monday, 16 June 2008

John McCain's Negatives at Record High

A recent Pew Research Survey has found that John McCain's previous reputation for independence from the Republican party has been lost and negative perceptions of him are now at a record high. Previously, when asked to describe McCain, those polled would volunteer words such as "Maverick". What is now the number one word used to describe McCain by poll participants? Well, actually, it's "Old."


Still, the poll reports that: "Voters who don't like McCain are, by an overwhelming margin, rejecting his political beliefs, not the kind of person he is."

I'd add a hearty, "well, duh" to that. The problem with John McCain isn't that he's a bad guy it's that he has bad policies - policies that line up 99% with those of George W Bush. Policies that the country has tried out over the last few years and found, to say the least, not very effective.

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