Thursday, 5 June 2008

Obama and McCain Both Speak. You Be the Judge

Last night Barack Obama spoke from the stage of the St Paul Convention Center - from the very same room where John McCain will speak during the Republican National Convention later this year.

Or at least, he is supposed to. But if I were John McCain, after watching Barack fire up a crowd of thousands with an extraordinary, gracious and powerful speech, I think I would blush to appear on that same stage. Especially considering McCain himself, though undoubtably a decent man, is distinctly soporific in his own speaking style, as you can witness in his "pre-buttal" to Obama.

Even Fox News was brutal in pointing out the rhetorical awfulness of McCain's speech, especially compared with the way Obama soared.
We can beat this guy in November. We've got to, cause I can't stand four more years having to leave the room whenever the President goes on TV.

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christine said...

I really hope the GOP don't pull out some weird tricks this November to steal this election like they did the last two.