Monday, 30 June 2008

Prove Your Impact

When Barack made the decision to forego public financing, he was placing his faith in all of us. Don't let him down - prove that a grassroots powered campaign can deliver for this country:

The crucial midnight deadline is just hours away. The results of our fundraising from this month will be used to gauge our strength against John McCain and the RNC. But there's another reason why every dollar you give right now is so important -- we're building the first 50-state presidential campaign in a generation. You've been generous with your support in the past, but by making another contribution before the midnight deadline, you'll be investing in the growth of this unprecedented movement at a time when the resources are needed the most. Please show your support by making a donation of $100 right now:

It's been less than four weeks since Barack became the presumptive Democratic nominee, and here's what supporters like you have already made possible:

Staff and offices in 21 states
134 campaign offices open across the country
Nearly 1,000 field staff on the ground, supported by more than 3,500 Obama Organizing FellowsAnd we are literally growing every day. Your contribution today is an investment in the organization and staff we'll need to expand our operation in all 50 states. Every single staff member on the ground and every single new office we open will help us to register more new voters, bring more volunteers into our campaign, and build our grassroots movement all across this country to help Democrats win up and down the ballot in November.

That's why a dollar you give today to help us build our campaign will do more
and have more of an impact than a dollar you give in October or November. Make a
contribution of $100 to invest in our 50-state campaign:

Thanks for everything you're making possible,

David Plouffe

Campaign Manager Obama for America

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