Thursday, 10 July 2008

John McCain REALLY Doesn't Want to Talk About His Position on Birth Control

This excruciating (but short) video of John McCain desperately not wanting to talk about his position on the sensible notion that medicare should pay for birth control:

This makes for a useful opportunity to remind you all: John McCain has voted multiple times in the Senate to oppose the inclusion of birth control on publically paid health care plans. As his own campaign surrogate, Carly Fiorina, pointed out the other day - it is plainly obscene that these plans will pay for Viagra but not for birth control. Women everywhere should be deeply offended by this - I sure am.

But it's of a piece with McCain's overall anti-woman agenda. Remember, he wants to overturn Roe Versus Wade, jsut for starters.

And apparently his own advisors aren't even aware how retrograde his positions are.

And BOY does he not want to remind them.

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