Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Patriot Gains

Senator Obama worked his rhetorical wizardry once again yesterday, with a speech that both redefined a critical issue and further depleted his opponents' arsenal.
Anticipating an ongoing assault on his patriotism, Barack Obama went far beyond defending himself to renew the very concept in such a way that his love of country and his determination to advance our nation’s fundamental principles can never be challenged.
The speech was radical in concept, intended to shatter the hardened alliances that have existed in our country since the ‘sixties, when unquestioning advocates of the government co-opted the term for themselves, and when those who opposed our government’s policies and practices went further, maligning America itself.

Senator Obama’s fresh definition of patriotism differs from the late 20th century use of the term by declaring dissent a patriotic act. Further, with compelling implications for the nature of his leadership, Barack Obama’s definition asserts that service is an imperative of citizenship.

But for all its radical elements, the speech is ultimately conservative, promoting the core, classic values that we recognize in his candidacy and which we in turn advance as we do what we can to support this campaign.
I urge you to watch the speech, and double dare you to keep your eyes dry and your throat clear from start to finish.

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