Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Rock Stars

Interesting tactic. John McCain would like to win your vote by insulting your intelligence.

Well, let’s see if you’re smart enough to spot the difference.

Barack Obama is the one with a job creation plan tied to massive investment in infrastructure, foremost the creation of state of the art public transit networks that will at once relieve the nation’s highways of congestion, allow communities to thrive, provide access to jobs for people who can’t afford automobiles, sharply reduce dependence on fossil fuels and correspondingly cut our country’s carbon emissions.

The other one is Brittney Spears.

Barack Obama is the one who knows we can’t drill our way to lower fuel prices, and who has proposed we innovate our way instead, offering a visionary plan for a green economy that would comprise a constellation of social, economic and strategic benefits, including improvements in education, particularly at primary level; and job creation, all culminating in the development of diverse sources of renewable energy. :

The other one is Paris Hilton.

Now let’s compare and contrast.

Here are the latest ads from Obama for America. And a reminder: these ads are your contributions at work to persuade those Americans who aren't yet familiar with the candidates that Barack Obama will better represent, preserve, and promote their interests.

Spot the difference, indeed.

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