Friday, 1 August 2008

International Voter Day - August 9th

The Obama campaign has challenged our activists around the world to find as many American voters as we can on the 9th of August. I am asking each of you to commit to dedicating your time on that day to tracking down and registering American voters wherever we can find them.

  • Why not leaflet in the lobby of hotels and youth hostels?
  • Or hang posters in Kensington cafes?
  • Or canvass people on the South Bank, or in Hampstead, or in the City?
  • Or hold a House Party for Barack in your neighborhood?

I’d like each and every one of us to commit to some action for voter registration on this day. Can’t get out and about? No problem – spend the day dialling your whole phone book to check that they are registered. Remember, they can register online using – it couldn’t be easier. Please commit to celebrating our International Voter Day with us – to give a real kick start to our International campaign as we head into election season. And don’t forget to e-mail me to let me know what you’ve done, so I can report our success back to the campaign.

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