Monday, 9 February 2009

Helpful Generic "Chill Out" Post for Future Panics

Dear Fellow Obama Supporters - In the interest of efficiency, let's consider this an all-purpose post for not just the current stimulus debate, but all future initiatives where you fear that Obama's Opponents are getting the upper hand. Ahem:

Hey everyone, I understand why you're worried. I know it looks like you see 5 (insert as appropriate: Republicans/ Corporate Lobbyists/ Health Insurance Representatives/ or just Opponents) on cable news for every (insert as appropriate Democrat/ Administration spokesperson/ supporter). I know it seems like the future of the country depends on our winning this important battle. I get it, I care, I'm calling my Congressional Representatives, and so should you! I'm telling my friends and family to get involved and so should you!
But at the same time, let's remember that in this battle we don't really keep score by column inches or amount of time on cable. Get good stuff done for the country = win. Fail to get good stuff done = lose.
Obama doesn't play the media cycle game the way that we are used to. He's not looking to win a shout-fest. So let's not assume just because he's not making the most noise that he's not winning. OK? Our President often doesn't just play by different rules than his opponents, he's often playing a different game altogether. We'll do our part to support him (including making noise where that's useful), but let's try not to spend to much of our useful energy on hang wringing, or to ascribe to the opposition a level of genius, organisation, and power that they simply don't have, OK?
Thanks guys!

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