Thursday, 26 March 2009

Budget Top 10 Interlude: Why I'm Doing This...

Just a quick reminder: the reason I'm blogging my top ten budget goodies is simple. Republicans realise that the Presiden't Budget is a progressive and pragmatic proposal. They know that there's an awful lot in there that people are going to like. So they would rather spend their time distracting you from it.

And when the legislative battle gets started, despite the fact they are in the minority, despite the fact they are wildly unpopular, despite the fact Obama has made every effort to include them where appropriate (short of selling out the things he was elected to do) they are going to go for all out war.

They don't want to give up on their fundamental economic principle that low taxes + small government always = good. Here's Rep. Eric Cantor describing the Republican budget plan:
Cantor called the Republican budget “a responsible attempt to restrain the
growth in government, to return us back to a period of economic growth through
tax relief and fiscal prudence.

In other words, cut taxes for the rich and eliminate programs for the poor. Hmm.... where have I heard this before? It's incumbent on all of us to learn something about the President's budget so we can speak up for it against the Republican nonsense.

Update: And here's a new Organizing for America ad asking for your support on the budget:

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