Friday, 13 March 2009

Gay Soldiers are Better People Than Me

My thanks to Northern Virginia's representative Jim Moran, who plans to publicise the number of service members discharged from the military each month for revealing their sexuality under the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy (this month: 11). Kudos also go to representative Ellen Tauschser of California, who has proposed an bill to revoke the policy. (Hint - it might be an idea to drop them a friendly note thanking them for their good work in this area. I'm guessing they'll get some less than friendly mail from the other side...)

Stories of gays being kicked out of the military always surprise me a little - not so much the injustice of it as the fact of it. It amazes me that there are gay people who are still willing to sign up for the military.

I mean let's face it - under the best of circumstances, this is a hard job. It takes you far from home, people yell at you a lot, it's a lot of hard work from early to late. Plus, there's the whole "getting shot at and maybe dying for your country" thing, something that has become even more of an issue in recent years. I have absolute respect for anyone who decides to serve their country under those conditions. But then add to that a great big F-You of a policy that says, "we'd really rather you just went away please." Personally, I get insulted if I feel like I'm mildly unwelcome at a party - let alone beign willing to die for my country and being told to get lost.

If I were gay, I'd want nothing to do with these people who apparently want nothing to do with me. The fact that at least some gay folks nevertheless do sign up and stay active is humbling to me. It's better than we deserve, frankly.

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