Monday, 30 March 2009

Top 10 Items in Obama's Budget that Give Me Hope

So I've been twittering and blogging about just 10 of the many things in Obama's budget that make me hopeful for the future. We're hearing a lot of scary things about the world right now, but it's not all doom and gloom. This President is committed to working with Congress to not just ride out the current crisis but build for the future. By investing in tomorrow, we not only create jobs and stimulate the economy here and now, we also create the infrastructure that is going to put us back on a growth trajectory and keep us strong in the world.

But don't take my word for it - go yourself to and have a look through the proposals. There's a lot there to get excited about. So please:

1) Learn more about the budget.
2) Share this information - feel free to forward my list, or start lists of your own. Send it to your friends and family, especially to those who have doubts about the President's agenda.
3) Call your member of Congress and/or Senator and let them know why the President's budget gives you hope. Ask them to vote for it and if they are already voting for it, ask them to work hard for it.

Here's my list one more time:

10) 1.3 Billion for rural broadband. US is way behind in broadband takeup, which creates jobs.
9) Improved funding for mental illness treatment in the military. People are hurting in all kinds of ways.
8) College Completion Incentive Fund. Nearly half of students don't graduate, but they still have the debt.
7) Energy innovation for housing. Reduced bills, a reinvigorated economy and a cleaner environment!
6) Supertrains!
5) More FBI agents to target financial fraud. Let's invest to prosecute and deter the current crime wave.
4) Home Nurses Visitation Program. Proven to prevent abuse & create better futures for the poorest infants.
3) Protecting Wildlife from Climate Change. A third of Great Lakes birds could be extinct without our help.
2) Health Information Technology. Pay less, get more, save lives. Win win win.
1) More diplomats = peace, prosperity.

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