Wednesday, 29 April 2009

100 Days Down.... 1360 to Go‏

[Message e-mailed out to my mailing list today:]

Dear Obamaites,

Today marks President Obama’s hundredth day in office, and he’s been a busy man! From negotiating with the Russians to reduce our nuclear stockpiles, to signing the Fair Pay act; from passing the most ambitious economic stimulus package in three generations to relaxing the outmoded embargo on Cuba, he’s been keeping his promises. We’ve even got a new First Dog.

Check out this amazing map to find out what President Obama has achieved for your home state:

As Democrats, the sun is shining on our party like never before. In recent weeks we earned a new Democratic Representative in New York’s 20th District – where there are 70,000 more registered Republicans than Democrats – and even a new Senator when Pennsylvania’s Arlen Specter announced just yesterday (a 100 day anniversary gift to the President?) that he was leaving the Republican party, which he described as moving “far to the right.”
But for all the impressive achievements and bold leadership, there is so much still to be done. Our economy remains in turmoil. Climate change is still threatening our future. And millions of Americans still go without health insurance, while millions more are suffering under skyrocketing costs – precisely at the moment when a potential pandemic makes this a public health disaster in waiting.

President Obama is going to tackle these problems and more in the coming years – but he can’t accomplish any of his goals without one very important thing: you.

If you’ve been thinking that you can relax, sit back, and let your leaders get on with it – think again. Obama’s best chance of winning on his agenda is to do it with the ongoing support and hard work of the folks who elected him.

So how can you help?

So glad you asked.

First off, in the first quarter of 2009 Michael Steele’s RNC raised more than double the amount of money the DNC took in. They now have more than $23 million sitting in the bank – waiting to be spent on ads attacking our healthcare, economic recovery, and environmental solutions.

Please give $100 today to help us win these battles in the days to come:

(And I’d be very grateful if you’d put my name in the “who encouraged you” box...)

Secondly, if you will be in the London area next week, please come to Wednesday night’s Democrats Abroad speakeasy at the Duke of York pub on New Cavendish Street. The theme of the night will be a policy discussion around energy and the environment, with expert speakers giving a report from the front lines of these issues. For further info or to RSVP, go to the MeetUp Group here:

And finally, Democrats Abroad is working to set up functional committees, regional groups, and policy discussions – if you would like to help us any of these areas (including voter registration, membership development, events management, technology support and more) please let me know and I will put you in touch with someone who would love to have your help.


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Best wishes,

Karin Robinson

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