Friday, 24 April 2009

Blago - By Request

Brendan asked my why I haven't written about Blago - AKA disgraced former Governmor Rod Blagojevich. OK, I will!

But I guess if anything the reason I haven't done so before is because it's hard to mock him. No seriously. The guy was under suspicion for corruption and tells the press that he would welcome the FBI to tape his conversations. So they do. He promptly decides to put a US Sentate seat up for sale - on tape. That I could mock. But then we find that he also was trying to strip money that had already been allocated to a local childrens hospital unless they gave money to his campaign. Still in the realm of mockable. But THEN he insists on appointing someone to the senate post he was busted for trying to sell - and when there's uproar over this he insinuates that they are persecuting his nominee because of racism. He compares himself to Martin Luther Kind and Nelson Mandela.

I can't make that sound any funnier than it already is.

And NOW - while under federal indictment he seeks permission to go to Costa Rica so he can film a Survival style reality TV series. The judge denies him permission and suggests that perhaps he doesn't fully appreciate the seriousness of the situation he is in.

He therefore goes outside and... well, read it for yourself:

Outside court, after the hearing, Blagojevich told swarming reporters: "This is another day in the big city. I know what the truth is when it concerns me, and I know that I've done absolutely nothing wrong. ...I'm actually looking forward to this day in court. ...I want to prove my innocence, I want to vindicate myself."

He stopped several times to greet non-media onlookers and curiosity seekers.

"I didn't let you down," he said to one woman.

"Want to get on TV? Come on in!" (emphasis mine) he yelled at another man.

Asked by a reporter how active he will be legally in his own defense, the former governor replied: "I'm going to be very active. I know a lot of things about me."

Then he goes on the Today show and tells them he is still hoping to find some way of eating bugs for pay. On account of how much he loves his children.

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Nope, not much I can do with that. Stay healthy Rod, you are a master of the form of absurdist drama and therefore a national treasure.

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