Saturday, 11 April 2009

Chag sameach! Obama's White House Seder

The Obama family celebrated a traditional Jewish Passover seder Thursday night at the White House.

Apparently, the President had also been present at a seder hosted by the campaign team last year during the heat of the Primary. At that time, Obama followed the traditional statement of, "Next year in Jerusalem!" with an extra hope, "Next year in the White House."

He got that wish. Mazel tov!

One thing to note though, somewhat whistfully: Obama, though a Christian, is comfortable hosting a Jewish seder because he has copious Jewish friends and even family members (little known fact - one of America's most prominent rabbis is Michelle Obama's uncle).

But, as we all know, Barack also has lots of Muslim family members. However, while one assumes that there is not now a big conspiracy theory working the rounds about Barack's secret judaism, I'm sorry to say that I don't thinkt he same would be true if he were to chose to celebrate Ramadan in a similar spirit of joyful celebration. And that's really too bad.

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