Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Deep Thought...

So the protesters are apparently wearing signs that say things like:

"Balls to the Banks", "Abolish Money" and "All You Fascists Are Bound to Lose".

So what I'm wondering is - if the world's leaders woke up this morning in an agreeable mood, realised the errors of their fascist ways, and decided to live by these credos, would these protestors be able to support themselves in the new barter economy? Are they farmers and shepherds?


Tim said...

I say we set up a demonstrator like they do for those biosphere programs.
All non-fascist money haters can live in the New Mexico Desert and survive in an alternative economy.
You would likely need to freeze same laws in that area like child labor restrictions and the like.
It would make a boring reality TV show... how would you compensate the residents for there work on the show?... you would need to make sure there performance was compensated properly under the Screen Actors Guild would you not??

Julian said...

I think that it should be emphasised that not all protesters are among those expressing such incoherent or extreme views. Some people who were protesting would have had thoughtful views on which policies should be pursued on climate change, financial regulation, etc. I dislike it when the media focuses on the most extreme views in the crowd and ignores the sensible voices.

I usually shy away from marches on major issues because it's difficult to fit my views onto a single sheet of A4 in 12-point font, much less in large text on a placard.