Thursday, 23 April 2009

Imbyism - A Word is Born

So I have been mulling my thoughts about the current state of British politics, and have been searching for a word to define the pattern that seems to be cropping up. My sense is that more and more, political life here in the UK is motivated by small local groups who just want to hold on to stuff they have that they like.

Don't take away our post office!

Don't close our hospital!

Here in Walthamstow we are currently fighting to prevent closure of (I kid you not):

There's this sorrowful sense that loads of services we love and appreciate are being taken away from us - and this seems to be happening in local communities across the country.

I call this Imbyism. You know, like Nimbyism - Not In My Backyard - which is the phenomenon where people protest the arrival of things they object to.

In My Backyard-ism - Imbyism - is my word for protesting and fighting to keep the things in your neighborhood that you like.

And if I'm right that it is the underlying tenor of politics in the UK right now - then that does not bode well for Labour. They really ought to start giving people some stuff they want. Or at least stop taking it away.

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