Monday, 18 May 2009

Obama at Notre Dame

Apparently a small group of Catholic Bishops felt that inviting President Obama to speak at the Notre Dame commencement was, like, capitulating with evil-doers or something.

Curiously those same folks appeared un-bothered when pro-death penalty George W. Bush came to speak. In both cases that small minority of bishops were being nimrods. The President's never going to embrace all the teachings of any church as a policy blueprint. Nor should he.

And anyway, if they'd been successful, those bright young Notre Dame graduates would have missed out on this:

For the record - I'm as pro-choice as they come but in my perfect world there'd be no abortion because every child conceived would be a wanted child. And by the way, every child born would be cared for. With health care, good education, parental leave for the mother and father, and widely available and affordable child care for working parents. So I'm all for a culture of life if those bishops (the non-nimrody ones) would like to work with me on it.

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christine said...

Ditto on these statements.