Monday, 4 May 2009

Six Months Ago Today...

Dear Friends,

On November 4, 2008 – six months ago today – you and millions ofpeople just like you, all across America and around the world electeda new President of the USA and a new vision for America. The shockwaves of what you did are still reverberating, as ourPresident starts to deliver on his bold new agenda, and as activistsaround the world are more and more looking to our campaign’sremarkable story for lessons in how they can use the power of the people to change the way politics operates.

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In that spirit, I hope that you will take two minutes of your timetoday to answer some questions about the Obama campaign and what itmeant to you. This request comes to you from a UK organisation called38 Degrees, which has been co-founded by Obama’s North Carolina NewMedia Director Ben Bradzel. Ben and the 38 Degrees team are eager hearfirsthand from Obama’s UK supporters how they were able to organisefor him, and to learn from that experience to start translating it into grassroots efforts here in Britain.

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Meanwhile, here’s a reminder of that amazing night:

And a taste of just how much we have achieved since then.

Six months on, we’ve come a long way – but we still have so much todo!

Best wishes,


PS: In honor of all the amazing work Democrats Abroad did to getPresident Obama elected - I hope you'll consider making a $100donation to keep their efforts going. I hope to see many of you this Wednesday night at our monthlySpeakeasy.

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