Friday, 11 September 2009

Nick Clegg Speaking to Democrats Abroad

And speaking of my wacky friends amongst the Liberal Democrat contingent, I would be remiss if I didn't let you all know about our event with their Esteemed Leader next week.

Nick Clegg will be joining Democrats Abroad members for a special one-night-only staged interview and Q&A on September 16th. This is part of our "Leaders and Influencers" series meeting with leading figures from British politics.

There are still some tickets left for Democrat Abroad Members. Get more info and book here:
If you aren't a Democrats Abroad Member, but you are an American living overseas, why not join?
Next month (October 15th) we'll be hearing from a decidedly different political figure, the man who some call the architect of New Labour but a friend of mine calls "The Devil Himself" - Alastair Campbell.

Personally I'm looking forward to hearing from both of them (and was very happy to be able to organise both) but can't imagine that the two talks will have much in common, not least because actual serving party leaders tend to be sparing with the expletives.

Do you reckon we should give Alastair a swear jar?
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