Friday, 30 October 2009

Give em Hell, Harry!

I've just had an e-mail from Move On reminding me that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid:

has been under intense pressure to drop the public health insurance option.

But on Monday he defied insurance lobbyists, political pundits, and conservatives of both parties by announcing that he'll include a public option in the Senate floor bill.

That's the kind of courageous leadership we need for victory on health care. But the fight's not over yet: Sen. Reid is still under fire from conservatives, including some in his own party, who will stop at nothing to kill the public option.

Move On is asking people to sign a petition in support of Harry's efforts - I've just done so myself. So should you.

But - there is a bigger issue here. Harry Reid is facing a brutal re-election fight in Nevada, and if it were held today... he would lose.

President Obama asked him to make health care a number one priority, and to negotiate an incredibly difficult legislative process, putting him at the center of a political firestorm, just when he is most threatened. You may remember that the Democrats' last Leader in the Senate, Tom Daschle, lost a brutal election fight after Republicans put him on a hit list - they knew that taking down our leader would weaken the Party, and it did.

We can't let it happen again. Harry Reid has put his neck on the line to deliver the President's Health Care Reform - those of us who support it should back him in his Nevada fight as well. I'll talk to you soon about some ways we can all help, but in the meantime - here's a link to Harry's campaign donation page. Chip in what you can (I'm thinking $51 would be a good amount for Americans abroad as the unofficial 51st state).

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Julian said...

Unfortunately, the donation page on Harry Reid's campaign site seems to have trouble with UK addresses. Thankfully, ActBlue allows people to donate to Reid (and many other Democrats) using credit cards with a UK billing address: