Friday, 11 December 2009

Wanted: Thoughtful Right-Leaning Op Eds

HELP! I am losing my faith in intelligent debate! I keep reading totally brain dead opinion articles from right leaning people, who make intellectually dishonest or outright silly points that are easily debunked. I'm looking for something to read by someone that I will disagree with instinctively but that contains good arguments.

Mainly because I use so many left-leaning news sources, I seldom see good, intelligent Conservative critiques and I fear I may be missing important things.

I'm not looking for right leaning writers with articles that show conter intuitive support for a left leaning idea - I want good arguments and fact based analysis about health care, climate change, the economy, or foreign policy that will make me think.

I used to read Andrew Sullivan for this, but nowadays he's one of us. George Will, who I used to like occassionally, has so irritated me with his fact free climate denialism that I no longer trust him to present good information.

So, help me out. Who's good out there?

FYI: This post was prompted by my attempts to read Sarah Palin's most recent Op Ed. I will not link to it.

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