Thursday, 21 January 2010

Karin Robinson: Media Hound

I was interviewed several times yesterday for various different radio broadcasts about the Massachusetts Senate result. Fortumately, the BBC lets you listen to broadcasts online for up to a week after they air, so here's me on, respectively:
  • The BBC World Service's News Hour. My bit is 10 minutes inf. For this segment, they asked me to sit down and speak into a microphone for about a minute in the studio - no questions being asked just, "tell us about the election, and talk about what went wrong". Then the edited it together. They'd already interviewed the Republican before handhand - his position was as best I could tell, that Scott Brown won because we stopped torturing prisoners. Or something.
  • The BBC World Service's World Update. My bit starts 30 minutes in. This was a 7 minute live segment with me opposite Republican Guy (Charlie Wolf, for the record...).
  • BBC Radio Oxford Bill Heine's show. My bit should be about 55 minutes in. Did this one by telephone from my desk at the office.

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