Monday, 25 January 2010

"No Pants Wetting" - Oh David, how we've missed you!

David Plouffe, the stellar campaign manager who guided Obama for America through the turbulent waters of the primary and general election is now reported to be back at his desk. Plouffe initially declined the opportunity of working in the administration in order to spend time with his newborn son and to write a book about the campaign.

But this weekend, the White House let it be known that Plouffe would be back as a special advisor to the White House, leading up to the midterms. Not a moment too soon, I say!

And he's off to a good start with this thoughtful but crystal clear op-ed in the Washington Post yesterday:

Here's Doctor Plouffe's prescription, in bullet point summary:
  • Pass a meaningful health insurance reform package without delay.
  • We need to show that we not just are focused on jobs but also create them.
  • Make sure voters understand what the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act did for the economy.
  • Don't accept any lectures on spending.
  • "Change" is not just about policies.
  • Run great campaigns, and (my personal favorite...)
  • No bed wetting.
This will be a tough election for our party and for many Republican incumbents as well. Instead of fearing what may happen, let's prove that we have more than just the brains to govern -- that we have the guts to govern. Let's fight like hell, not because we want to preserve our status, but because we sincerely believe too many everyday Americans will continue to lose if Republicans and special interests win.
I'm on it.

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