Monday, 18 January 2010

Tonight: We Need your help!

Last night Barack spoke to a rally in Massachusetts, urging everyoneto vote tomorrow to keep Ted Kennedy’s former Senate seat in Democrats' hands. He said, “If you were fired up in the last election, I need you more fired up in this election.”

I’m answering that call. Tonight I’ll be making calls to the hundredsof Massachusetts voters who are members of Democrats Abroad. Can youjoin us? We’ll be at a central London location frantically calling from 19:00 tonight – if you can help, e-mail me at obamalondon at for location details.

The race for this critical special election has become disturbinglyclose – pollsters are now calling it “a toss up”. The final vote will be decided by which team can get theirvoters to the polls, and the result of that vote will decide...everything else. From final passage of health care reform to theprospects for halting global climate change, every part of theDemocratic agenda will be harder to achieve if Republicans gain thatfilibustering 41st Senate vote. Fortunately, Americans Abroad still have time to cast their ballots.

Massachusetts does accept votes by e-mail and fax, so if you’re aMassachusetts voter overseas but you didn’t get a ballot from thestate, you can still vote using the Federal Write in Absentee Ballot.

Just go to:

Fill out the online for - making sure to tick the box in the first fiels saying that you want a "Back up ballot". Then print out the document and follow theinstructions. If for whatever reason that doesn’t work for you, you can also download a form from

Please forward this information to any MA voters you know – as long asthey get their ballots in before the polls close on Tuesday their votewill count. And could make all the difference in the world.

I called over 150 people yesterday, and found that about half the people I spoke to hadn’t voted – didn’t know they could vote,didn’t know there was an election, didn’t know it mattered. Because I called, they will vote. It matters.

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