Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Liberal Democrat Surge...

So all of Britain has gone Lib Demtastic following Nick Clegg's good performance in last Thursday's leaders debate here.

Wondering who these upstarts are? Perhaps you'd be interested in the series of articles I wrote last year when I was introducing myself to the party.

Here's a short intro to the party.

Here's some info on the panel discussion I did at their conference.

And here's my "Beer Fuelled Rant" in which I gave the party a good talking to about their relative lack of ambition.

For the record - I can't vote in this election, but if I could I would probably vote for different parties locally and nationally. So I wouldn't classify myself as partisan in a UK context - although I'm sceptical of the Tories.


Julian said...

I have just acquired British citizenship today and will vote in the upcoming elections. (Of course, I remain a US citizen and retain my right to vote in Illinois.)

Like you, I am sceptical of the Tories. However, I have to give the Tories credit for being far more sensible than the Republican Party of the United States.

Mark Pack said...

Turns out your rant may have been very well placed!

Obama London said...

Hey Mark - of course, if you help form the next UK government I will claim full credit for strategic genius and will give none to either Nick or to your party's hard working activists.

Seriously, good luck to you on Thursday. I'll be at Rob's constituency helping out with the election count, so should have a front row seat.