Sunday, 20 February 2011

I Heart Mona Sutphen

On Thursday night, Democrats Abroad here in London were given the chance to DNC Political Director Clyde Williams and his wife, Mona Sutphen who until very recently was a Deputy Chief of Staff for President Obama. And their two adorable children.

Clyde and Mona were both impressive, impassioned and positive in speaking about the challenge ahead for Democrats. The kids ran around a lot and were amazingly comfortable and confident while mom and dad did their thing. I liked them all a lot.

Mona in particular, though, is a brilliant, eloquent, appealing, down to earth and inspiring woman.

Having served as a foreign policy advisor to then-Senator Obama during his campaign and as a highly respected Deputy since then, Mona has been very close to the President and a key advisor within the White house. Which, for me is the definition of mixed feelings - because having met her I'm incredibly pleased to see the calibre and quality of advice that the President has clearly been getting over the past couple of years. But I'm now saddened to know that Mona's last day at the White House was last Tuesday.

I asked her if she had considered running for office herself - and she suggested that she wasn't interested in that, but that Clyde was seriously considering it. I wish him all the best - I think he'll be great.

But I'll be very disappointed if I don't see and hear a lot more from Mona herself in the coming years.

Either way, hats off to the definitive Washington "power couple".

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