Sunday, 15 May 2011

Celebrate July 4th With Democrats Abroad! On July 3rd

(Note: This is the post that I had written for posting on Thursday before the specactular Blogger FAIL. Thus, the meeting described took place last Thursday. For the historical record.)

Here in Britain, you can always spot the Americans living abroad in the days around major US holidays. We'll be the ones asking for turkeys in November long before the stores put their Christmas food on display. Or we'll be caught traipsing around forlornly asking everyone where we might be able to get pumpkin pie mix. (Hint - Ocado sells it for delivery.)

In summer, you'll spot us looking for red, white and blue bunting, or illegal fireworks, or inventing desperately patriotic desserts. One year I made an American flag out of raisins and blueberries in creme anglais. The point is, some of us - even some who don't normally associate with our fellow expats the rest of the year - get a little homesick.

The reason I bring thus up is that tonight I sat in on an organising meeting for our Democrats Abroad July 4th celebration. And I'm so excited I can hardly stand it.

We've got musicians. Barbershop quartets, folk singers, bands...

We've got food. Barbecue, creole, Tex Mex, cupcakes...

We've got kids games, decorations, speeches, voter registration, balloons and - if we get the same turnout as last year - about 1200 fellow Americans to party with.

And the whole thing happens in a beautiful central London park square that is normally off limits to the public.

So if you live in the UK, mark the date of July 3 in you diary and make sure to join Democrats Abroad so you'll get all the info by email.

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