Monday, 17 October 2011

More Great Protest Signs! Occupy Wall Street People Can Spell and do Math!

These two are making exactly the case I made in yesterday's blog, but with cardboard instead of pixels. Yay for cardboard.

This one is accurately describing some of the reprehensible behaviour of the financial markets that the rest of us are still paying for:

This one combines a subtle Harry Potter reference with Paul Krugman fandom and a bit of economic theory for the complete nerdly package.

Thanks to Ezra Klein (and to his commenters) for the slideshow and additional links. I totally heart you guys. You are like the Justin Bieber to my 13 year old girl's heart.

Or something.

UPDATE: And don't miss this wonderful post by the man who originally wrote the the words in sign three, then accidentally discovered that someone had made them a sign. Sweet.