Thursday, 29 May 2008


Huge thanks to Jay Wyatt, who has just sent me this:

As I've said before, I think Jim Webb on paper has all the ingredients of a terrific VP pick for Obama. Plus, I think his fiesty populist persona could nicely compliment and add zest to Obama's unifying message.

But, already people have started writing the case against Webb as VP. I think the prospect that Webb's previous statements about women might exacerbate any problems we would have in bringing Hillary supporters back to the fold is worth taking seriously. On the other hand, Webb might bring in the very same white working class voters that Hillary claims she can win better than Barack. I think this is exactly the sort of thing that shows how important it is that Barack has started his VP vetting process now - there are a lot of implications that need to be thought through. But as a former resident of Alexandria, VA I'd love to see Obama win Virginia in this cycle.

What do you think?

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christine said...

I would love a obama/edwards ticket personally. I've never heard of this Webb chap.