Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Barack Obama Slams McCain on the Economy

Yesterday, Barack kicked off a two week tour of his economic message with an event in Raleigh, North Carolina. He pointed out that, "when it comes to the economy, John McCain and I have a fundamentally different vision of where to take the country. Because for all of his talk about independence, the centerpiece of John McCain's plan amounts to a full-throated endorsement of George Bush's policies."

He also says of McCain:

"On the campaign trail he is a passionate critic of government spending. And yet, he has no problem spending hundreds of billions of dollars on tax breaks for big corporations and a permanent occupation of Iraq. George Bush's policies have taken us from a projected $5.6 trillion surplus at the end of the Clinton administration to massive deficits and nearly 4 trillion in new debt today. We were promised a fiscal conservative. Instead we got the most fiscally irresponsible administration in history. And now John McCain wants to give us another one."

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