Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Mustard Seeds

If you've been a part of the Obama movement from the beginning, you know how skilled they are at activating people - pulling them in and getting them engaged.

This article, about an Obama Delegate from California who has never been active in politics before, is a nice reminder of the impact one person can make on this campaign - and the impact this campaign can make on a person.

To help fight the false online rumors that Obama is a Muslim, she signed up on FaithBase.com, a Facebook for Christians, and created a group called Mustard Seeds.
Even a mustard seed, the popular parable goes, can move mountains. The group has 97 members.

And months ago, when pundits declared Sen. Hillary Clinton the front-runner and she was dismayed that her black friends preferred Clinton to Obama because they believed she had a better chance of winning, she fired off an e-mail with this subject line: "If not now . . . when?"

"Maybe you think he can't win, or that the race is already decided," she wrote. "But the real question is -- does Barack Obama deserve our support?"

On June 25, around the time of the month when money is tight, she decided to give $10 to Obama online. Five months later, she gave $5.20; she made $520 that month and donated 1 percent of it. Then came another $10 donation. Ten, she says, is a reasonable figure -- not too little, not too much -- and all she could afford. In total, she's given $55.20.

"I'm not rich. I'm just a working mom. I knew from the beginning that my contribution wouldn't be financial."

We all have a contribution to make - the beauty of this campaign is that it takes all currencies. So whether you've got money, or time, or knowledge, or connections... whatever you've got, we can use.

Join us on the 19th to get involved.

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