Monday, 9 June 2008

June 19 General Election Kickoff and Organising Event

Now that the primaries are over, it's time to start the general election with a bang! Join us Thursday June 19 for a General Election Kickoff and Organising event.

John McCain is going to be a tough competitor in the Fall and all Barack's supporters will need to bring every ounce of the discipline, energy and determination that we showed in the primary to make CERTAIN that we take back the White House this year. In fact, we are probably going to have to double down on our efforts - because it's all or nothing this year and losing is simply not an option.

Date: Thursday, June 19

Time: From 7:00-9:00PM

Location: The Duke of York Pub, New Cavendish Street

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Join us at 7:00 for a campaign briefing from our own Bill Rubin, now an Obama for America staffer, who will give you his unique perspective on the primary, plus a hot off the presses update on Obama's plans for the general.

After that, Stephanie Stewart will do a "quick and dirty" voter registration training - because every single one of us needs to be prepared to pound the pavement to get US expats registered and help us get out the vote. Democrats Abroad Chair Bill Barnard will then give us a quick overview on the shape of the general election, the role of the Democratic party in getting out the vote, and his thoughts on the opportunity that this remarkable year, and this extrordinary election represents for our party.

And finally, I'll fill you in on my plans for the Obama London group and will want to hear the views, suggestions, comments and thoughts of you all about the many ways we can help the campaign and the party going forward. And perhaps most importantly, this is your opportunity to eat, drink and be merry! To celebrate how far we have come even as we realise how far we still have to go.

I would like to thank each of you for your extraordinary efforts this year. And I know that, no matter which candidate you supported in this primary we are all 100% committed to achieving the only thing that can start to solve America's problems - a Democratic President in 2009.

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