Friday, 27 June 2008

Obama and Clinton Meet With Clinton's Fundraisers

Last night Senators Clinton and Obama met together with a group of Hillary's top fundraisers. Both addressed the group and talked about the historica nature of the race so far, and the importance of winning in November.

Senator Clinton said:

“This was a hard-fought campaign,” she continued. “That’s what made it so exciting and intense and why people’s passions ran so high on both sides. I know my supporters have extremely strong feelings, and I know Barack’s do as well. But we are a family, and we have an opportunity now to really demonstrate clearly we do know what’s at stake, and we will do whatever it takes to win back this White House.”

Senator Obama said:

"Between my grandmother’s generation and my young daughter, there’s a testimony to the challenges that are hard won and hard fought. To the point that my 9-year-old takes for granted that of course we can have a woman president. Of course we can have an African-American president. But that doesn’t come just by the passage of time. It comes because people are consistently working and fighting."

“I recognize that this room shared the same passion that a roomful of my supporters would show. I do not expect that passion to be transferred. Sen. Cinton is unique, and your relationships with her are unique.” But he added, “Sen. Clinton and I at our core agree deeply that this country needs to change.”

I say:

It's impressive that Senator Clinton is able to put aside what must be a crushing personal disappointment in order to put her heart and soul into electing the candidate who defeated her, but shares her policy vision. I hope that I could be that gracious and constructive mere weeks after losing my life's ambition.

It goes to show that Senator Clinton, like me, like Obama, like you (I hope) is prepared to pay any price, bear any burden to put this country back on the right track.

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