Friday, 27 June 2008

Welcome Diana

Dear Regular Blog Readers and New Friends,

I just wanted to send a warm welcome to my good friend and outstanding Obama supporter Diana Shaw Clark, who has just started as an additional contributor to this blog.

Diana has been a whole-hearted advocate for Senator Obama since (it seems like) the dawn of time! Well, since early 2007 anyway. She is a successful fundraiser, activist, writer, lifter of spirits, and true believer in change.

From now on you may see posts from either of us on the blog - I (Karin) will be listed as Obama London and Diana as Dsclark. Both of us, however will be speaking with one voice on the single biggest issue of our day - the need to elect Barack Obama President in November.

My thanks to Diana, and thanks to all of you for reading and for caring.

Best wishes,



Katrin said...

Dear Diana,

I met your friend Jim Brenner in Nairobi a few days ago. He came to the launch of my new musicvideo, "Obama be thy Name" by Makadem. In his addictive reggae song, the western Kenyan artist promotes Barack Obama for presidency and encourages Americans of all ethnic backgrounds to vote.

Please find the video under the following link on YOUTUBE:

It would be great to hear from you!

Best regards,


Katrin Ender
Director | Filmmaker
+254 (0)714 523 356

Katrin said...

Hello Diana,

I have recently produced a musicvideo promoting Obama for presidency. Please find it on:

On monday, 27th october, I launched the musicvideo to the press and the public, at "Wasanii", Kenya National Theatre, in front of a crowd of 200 people and extensive local and international media (K24, Kiss FM, CNN, BBC, Reuters, AP, DPA etc.) We will be featured on saturday on CNN 'Inside Africa' and BBC World. Please find the press release attached.

The video has been posted on YouTube monday afternoon. Within the first 24hours, it has received over 35,000 hits. Furthermore, it has stirred up controversial responses between republicans and democrats.

I thought this might be of interest to you.

Best regards,


Katrin Ender
Producer | Director | Editor
Kenya: +254 (0)714 523 356


Launch of Musicvideo

„Obama be thy Name“ by MAKADEM

Monday 27th October 2008, 12.00 noon

at Goethe-Institut Nairobi - Auditorium

Ohanglaman „Makadem“ introduces his musical contribution to the ongoing US presidential election campaign. In his addictive reggae song with the jamaican „proactive“ beat, the outstanding western Kenyan musician calls upon Americans of all ethnic backgrounds to vote. For Barack Obama. In his song, Makadem believes that Obama becoming the next president of the United States of America will bring change to the world.

The musicvideo for “Obama be thy name” was produced, directed and edited by German filmmaker Katrin Ender. Inspired by the musician’s international approach to the theme, the video artist worked out an intriguing concept bringing across the universal message of the song.

„Obama be thy name“ is an artistic Kenyan contribution regarding the US presidential elections, unique for its universal rather than local or tribal angle. A must hear and a must see.

Song title: Obama be thy name

Artist: Makadem

Composer: Makadem

Music Production: Roots Camp Kenya

Musicvideo Production: Katrin Ender

Musicvideo director & editor: Katrin Ender

Art direction & design: Katrin Ender