Monday, 2 June 2008

Why Doesn't Hillary Just Drop Out?

So I'm starting to get people writing to me and commenting on the blog to wonder why Hillary "doesn't just drop out now". And to these people I would like to say I understand your frustration but - take a deep breath.

Until Saturday afternoon, it was perfectly possible (though unlikely) that the Michigan and Floriday delegations would be seated in full - changing the overall math significantly. As soon as that happened, she went straight in the primary in Puerto Rico where she was expected to - and indeed did - win (although in a primary with extremely low turnout). Now she is one day away from the very last two primaries of the year. Why on earth would she drop out now, having come this far?

So that's why she's not dropping out, and there doesn't have to be anything nefarious about it. It may be frustrating for us to see the primary go on this long, but keep in mind that it is DOUBLY frustrating for all her supporters, who are combining the stress we all feel with what must be a building sense of disappointment.

We're only a few days away from a resolution, let's chill out until then, OK? We need every voter, and that means if and when we are victorious we need to be gracious about it

Remember, winning the primary is not our goal. Winning the PRESIDENCY is our goal. Step by step, one day at a time.

But, yes we can.

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Roc's Dad said...

I can totally understand why she hasn't dropped out yet. It's still a close race delegate wise and to be honest, if you're the favorite for 2 years before the primaries, its gonna take you a while to get on with it.

And... in the tradition of loaded media polls...
Looking to november... Democratic Landslide or Democratic Super Majority?