Monday, 2 June 2008

John Edwards' Special Message to the Obama London Group

Tonight I had the rare and truly delightful opportunity of seeing John and Elizabeth Edwards at a small private event here in London. Having always liked the Edwards tremendously, and having caucused for him very actively back in 2004 I was especially thrilled to have the chance to tell him so in person. (And I should have included him in my initial list of possible VPs, although he didn't really indicate one way of the other if he'd be interested in that...)

The event was closed to the press, and I want to respect the right of the Edwards to keep any specific comments they made private, however I can tell you that they were both warm, funny and down to earth people who are smart about both politics and policy. Elizabeth in particular, who I've always admired for her healthcare advocacy and just for being so comfortable in her own skin, displayed a charming combination of smarts and caring.

I'll give you a particular example because it tickled me - at the end of the event both of them very graciously paused to take photographs with each of the event volunteers, including myself (and two very smart young kids). After the first round of pictures was taken without a flash, they insisted upon taking another to make sure we got one with a flash. And then after THAT they insisted on taking another one with me because they didn't think the flash had gone off on mine.

Now I have a habit of carrying my handbag around with me at all times, because I'm paranoid about it having been robbed or pickpocketed no less then 4 times in London. Elizabeth, however politely suggested that I put it down for the final picture, "you'll regret it later if you don't". And she was, of course, totally correct. (Of course, once I wasn't carrying my handbag anymore I didn't know what to do with my arms, but that's not her fault!)

I told John that I have a large group of Obama supporters here in London and asked if he had any special message for them.

"Just tell them we're gonna win," he said, with a bit smile on his face.

So there you go - a special message of victory to Obama London from John Edwards.

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christine said...

I really really like John Edwards and his advocacy for the poor. I would love it if he and Obama were on the ticket.

You are lucky to have met them both!!