Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Wise Words from Congressman Wexler

If you are not a complete political junkie (like me) you may or may not be aware of Congressman Robert Wexler, of Florida. But, I highly commend his recent words about Barack Obama - spoken at a meeting of his Florida constituents, the majority of whom voted for Hillary Clinton.

"I support Barack Obama because he showed better judgment on the Iraq War, because he has remained more forcefully against it. I support him because of his stand on ethics reform, and commitment to engaging our enemies. I support him because he speaks truth to power. He spoke in front of a largely Cuban-American organization in Miami. Everyone has told this organization the same thing for 40 years. 'We're going to continue the embargo against Cuba, no monetary remittances there, no anything.' Whether or not it works, that's all any politician dares to say. Obama suggested to them we engage with Raul Castro, and take steps towards ending the embargo. Obama told a crowd in Detroit that we should increase fuel efficiency standards, and he told members of Martin Luther King's church in Atlanta that we all share some of the blame for some of the race problems in America today."

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