Thursday, 10 July 2008

Busy Week Here in London

My apologies for a slightly reduced blog traffic this week - it's actually been a really busy here in London with lots of exciting stuff going on. Well, exciting for completely geeky political obessives like me (and you?).

Last Saturday was the annual July 4th picnic for Democrats Abroad - probably around 60 folks spread out their blankets in Regents Park for a relaxed and fun filled afternoon of politics and pleasure.

On Monday night, I was thrilled to host a reception at the House of Commons for Democrats Abroad's activists and volunteers. The event was sponsored by John Grogan, a prominent labour backbencher who is a real Obama enthusiast. There were dozens more MPs who joined us at the event for eager discussion about the election, and I think I can safely report that all three British political parties (yes, we did have the token Tory presence as well) are truly excited about this election. My sincerest thanks to John Grogan for suggesting the event to me, arranging for the room and for generously giving his time and his staff to make this happen.

And finally, although I wasn't there myself, I do know that there was a highly successful fundraiser on Tuesday night with former United Nations Ambassador Richard Holbrooke - see Diana's detailed summary of Holbrooke's comments for more information.

So - busy busy over here! How's your week been?

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dizzykj said...

Hi Karin,

Is there anyway to find out more information about things happening in London? I'd love to do more to help and really get involved!