Thursday, 10 July 2008

EXTRA EXTRA: Obama's London Visit - Nothing Known!

This is just to tell the dozens of you who have written to me or called about Obama's planned visit to London what I know about it.


Date: Don't know. The Times is reporting that he will be here on July 18th, but other media outlets are reporting different dates, and the campaign has made no announcements.

Public Meetings: Don't know. As I understand it the main purpose of the trip is to meet with Government officials - whether he will meet with supporters while he's here is not currently known. My understanding (although not official) is that he will NOT be doing any fundraising on his trip.

Duration of Trip: Don't know. Although my sense is that it will be QUICK - a whirlwind tour to meet with major allies.

What do I know? That thousands, probably hundreds of thousands of Americans here in London support him enthusiastically, that he is overwhelmingly popular amongst the British population as well.

He may not be able to meet with us in person while he's here - but in a sense that doesn't really matter, because we already know him. We know this is the most global, thoughtful, disciplined, diplomatic and inspirational candidate that America has offered us for a long time.

Bon voyage, Barack!

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