Friday, 1 August 2008

Clueless in WIsconsin

At a town hall meeting in Wisconsin on Thursday, John McCain didn’t have a response to the challenge Barack Obama issued from his forum in Iowa: "Is that the best you can come up with?" While noting that John McCain’s negative ads won't do a thing to lower gas prices, Senator Obama went on to discuss his alternative energy plans.

John McCain merely reprised his discredited assaults on Obama’s judgment, providing no particular policies for voters to consider.
While in Wisconsin, John McCain made time to meet with Debra Bartoshevich a Hillary Clinton supporter who flouting her own candidate’s advice, has pledged her support for the GOP nominee. Perhaps Bartoshevich is not concerned about John McCain’s merited zero rating from abortion rights groups.

And perhaps she’s unaware that Senator McCain has a ZERO percent rating from the American Academy of Family Physicians, the Association of University Centers on Disabilities and the American Nurses Association, each of which has given a 100 percent rating to Barack Obama.

And she may be unaware as well that every major educational advocacy group, from curriculum advisory boards to the National Education Association has given John McCain a failing grade, while awarding an A to Senator Obama. (It’s important to note that Barack Obama does not rubber stamp the interests of the NEA. As an outspoken advocate of merit pay, he has stirred up some dissent, but the Union will back him over his opponent handily.)

Perhaps you know someone like Bartoshevich who who could benefit from logging onto Project Votesmart. Because anyone who'd backed the Democratic agenda as represented by Senator Clinton, supporting John McCain is about to do anything but.

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