Friday, 1 August 2008

Details, Details!

Barack Obama has issued many more policy papers offering far more detailed proposals than his opponent.
Yet who is calling whom an airhead?
Politico today quotes a number of analysts including conservatives, who conclude, like Robert Bixby, executive director of the bipartisan balanced budget advocacy organization Concord Coalition, "The Obama people are much more detailed,"
No wonder Senator McCain has been crafting ads that distract people from the issues.

Channel surf for five minutes here in the States, and it’s clear his ploy is working. Reporters spin their coverage of Barack Obama with a great show of exasperation, citing “lofty promises and lack of specificity”. Yet they ask nothing more of John McCain than to justify his ad campaign.
Which he is more than happy to do, getting free air time to supplement the slots he’s bought and paid for.

You may hear a version of this among people you know—friends and cohorts who claim to have a superficial impression of Senator Obama but no knowledge of what he’s proposing with regard to the economy, foreign affairs, health care, civil liberties...Please spend some time this weekend familiarizing yourself with his positions, or at least posting the following link to everyone who trusts your judgment, so the next time someone parrots John McCain’s prime talking point, you can provide an informed, enlightening response.

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